Don't trust your eyes, trust your █████.
Tactile is not real. 
Just be here now. now? now! now, now...
Don't waste time, and if I can't do it, at least enjoy the time I wasted. 
███k the w████. 
The sky is blue and the clouds are white.
There is nothing more hypocritical lie than this.
Therefore I repeat, don't trust your eyes! █████████ ███████.
>Never stop pursuing the truth.
Indulgence and delusion are not antidotes, they are analgesics.
█████ing is not my antidote.

Do you believe the sky is blue? Why do you believe that what you see is the truth? These questions come from the critical spirit that I maintain about everything. In my manifesto I do not discuss right and wrong, instead I try to confuse people through my works. My calendar is not a calendar that conventional, or easy to access the information. Instead, I try to set up difficulties for the reader to read and made certain clues for the reader to think about.

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